VirtuVisit by Compass: Telehealth That Lets You Focus on Your Patients.

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  • Transcribes your visit so you can keep eye contact with your patients
  • Integrates seamlessly with MyChart
  • Displays patient’s current medications on your screen
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Here’s how VirtuVisit increases efficiency and improves communication.


Communication and Collaboration

Real-Time Team Chat

Consultation Agenda

Real-Time Patient Assistance
Through Messages


Information Management

Easy File Sharing

Secure Web-Based
Plug-and-Play System

Future and Past Visits

Medication List

Notepad (Optional)


Time Management

Countdown Clock

Patient Reminders

Technology that also gauges patient sentiment.

While you talk with your patients, our artificial intelligence listens, too. Not just transcribing the conversation, but analyzing the patient’s tone of voice—so you can take note of any stress or negative reactions that you may have missed, and keep them in mind for future visits.

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How to advance health care with telehealth.

Get the latest information on how telehealth can help medical professionals connect with patients who have difficulty making an office visit.

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Powerful multichannel connections.

Patients enjoy easy access via Amazon Echo and Amazon Chime—and can schedule appointments, check medications and follow their progress on Epic MyChart. And seamless integration with MyChart makes it easy for you to update patient information and provide important reminders.

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